Our story is one of mountains and people.  We settled here because we love working and playing in the mountains.  But most of all, we love calling the mountains HOME.    There’s something different about people in mountain towns.  We still see friendly smiles, listen to stories around the campfire, and know when a handshake means something. Community.   Life is not always easy here, but that’s the point.  The experiences we encounter shape us into better people, learning to work together and focus our attention on what’s meaningful in life; the people around us.

Ascent Home Builders was born out of these experiences.  How does all this relate to houses?  In short, we care.  We care about building homes right.  Homes that stand up to the harsh weather,  homes designed to create spaces that bring families together, homes made with responsible, sustainable, and healthy materials.   We care about a business founded on trust and integrity.  We can’t wait to meet you, and, hopefully be a part of your story…

Kevin  Galyen
Vice President, wood and stone specialist, visionary.

Jeff  Galyen
President, construction coordinator, all-around talent, lover of ice and coffee…but not iced coffee.