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Most people who consider building a new home start out full of hope and anticipation imagining how their new house could help them live a better life.  That excitement quickly turns to worry as as they become overwhelmed by the mountain of decisions and unknowns in front of them.

Ascent Home Builders is passionate about helping people fulfill their dream of creating a HOME they love.  We are on a mission to design and build houses that improve peoples lives while guiding our clients through every step of the process.

We create a building plan that prioritizes our clients best interests and allows them to actively participate in the enjoyable parts of the process, but gives them the confidence and peace of mind to trust the difficult and detailed parts of the project to our skilled team.

The result is a stunning one of a kind home that is all that you hoped and imagined it could be; a safe place that allows you to be yourself, spend time with the people you love, proudly invite your favorite people into, and thrive.

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